About Karl

“Sometimes in life you have to do what your heart tells you to despite what all around you say. This is the only way to find true freedom. To do what you want, when you want and how you want. It might not always work but at least you will try to be you…”
Karl Marchant

Karl Marchant

Karl was born in the UK in 1973.
As a young boy he was introduced to photography by his father Ron, but it was only ever an interest. Karl lived and worked as an engineer until the age of 30 when he left to pursue a career in Scuba Diving.
After working as a Dive Instructor for a few years Karl began to work as an underwater photographer and videographer which is when he decided to promote his work online.
Karl has been lucky enough to work in some of the worlds best diving locations: The Maldives, Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia, The Caribbean and the Mediterranean and has met so many beautiful people along the way.
Up to now Karl has published one book, won several competitions and has had images used in print and online publications.We hope you enjoy the website and images and if you would like any further information you can contact Karl using the info on the contacts section.

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My Influences

For me, life has presented itself with many challenges.
How one deals with these life experiences is, in my opinion, how the world around you influences us all. Ultimately we are all responsible for our choices and our direction.
The first video is from the kids story Dr Seuss but it tells you that there is only one powerful influence in this world…

The second is a video made with the voiceover of Alan Watts who was a 20th century philosopher. It’s something I try to live my life by…